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Credibility Alliance Certificate

Credibility Alliance Certificate: FFE is proud to announce that it has been awarded the certification for "Desirable Norms" by Credibility Alliance. This is the highest certification to be awarded by Credibility Alliance to a Voluntary Organization and is valid for a period of 5 Years.

Credibility Alliance, a consortium of Voluntary Organizations, aspires to build trust among all stakeholders by improving Governance in the Voluntary Sector. Building on the learnings of many reputed organizations like CAF, MACRIL, Childline India Foundation etc., Credibility Alliance has developed very effective accountability norms. Each voluntary organization undergoes a thorough audit and a review of the assessment reports by the Central Accreditation Committee prior to certification.

Accreditation by Credibility Alliance is much sought after in the social sector. It is the equivalent of watchdog SEBI, in the non-profit sector with many foundations and corporates insisting on a Credibility Alliance Certification to donate to an organization.

Advanced Level - Gold Star India Gold Award

Advanced Level - Gold Star India Gold Award: Close on the heels of the Credibility Alliance accreditation, FFE has also been awarded the "Advanced Level - GuideStar India Gold" award. The award is given for demonstrating transparency in the public domain. FFE has undergone a thorough diligence by GuideStar to receive this certification.

GuideStar India, is a database of more than 6,000 NGOs wherein people can find organizations to donate to. While any voluntary organization can register itself on the GuideStar Website, GuideStar awards the Foundation, Gold and Platinum certification to organizations that go through a rigorous diligence process. The award from GuideStar is much sought after and FFE is proud to have received it.


BSE SAMMAN Award: The FFE Scholarship Program has also been approved by BSE Sammaan - an initiative of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), BSE and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA). It is a platform - first of its kind that bridges the accountability gap between Corporates and NGOs. This approval brings FFE on the radar of many corporates for their CSR activities.

FFE has always been committed to good governance and greater transparency in its operations and our donors would certainly vouch for it. The awards and recognition from reputed organizations like Credibility Alliance, GuideStar and BSE Sammaan provide the necessary impetus for us to forge ahead in fulfilling our mission and vision.