Preliminary Application Form for FFE Scholarships

I am interested in applying for a scholarship from the Foundation For Excellence. I furnish the following particulars about myself.
Personal Details:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Full postal address, including PIN code:
Email address:
Phone No. (Mobile and/or land line):
Family Background/Plans:
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Other family members - name, age, education and occupation:
Gross annual family income (before deductions): Rs.
Indicate if family status is below poverty line (official certificate will be required):
Academic Background/Plans:
Secondary School (Standard) results:
Year of passing:
Marks obtained:
Out of (total) marks:
(%) Class/Grade:
Stream/Subjects appeared in:
Full name of higher secondary school/college:
Type of school/college:
Higher Secondary/Pre-university or Intermediate College results:
Year of Passing:
Marks Obtained:
Out of (Total) Marks:
(%) Class/Grade:
Stream/Subjects Appeared in:
Full Name of Higher Secondary School/College:
Type of school/college:
Professional Courses (Engineering, Medical) Admission/Entrance Examination/Test Results:
Name of Entrance Exam/Test:
Exam/Test Taken in Year:
Registration/Admission No.
Entrance Exam/Test or Qualifying Marks Obtained:
Out of Total/Aggregate Marks.
General/Open Merit/All India/Admission or Qualifying Rank:
Engineering/Technology or Medical:
Plans for Further Study (Only students starting 1st year of professional studies are eligible for scholarships)
Course Name:
Course Duration (Years):
Course Year:
Course Start Date (Month/year):
If Already Admitted, Name and Address of College/ institution:
Type of College/Institution:
Is your College eligible for AICTE Scholarship :
If I am found eligible for a scholarship, I undertake to provide a more complete application with supporting documents, as required. I would be grateful if you could advise me on the next steps.