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Since FFE's inception, more than 3,800 scholars have completed their higher education (diploma, bachelors or masters degree) with the Foundation's assistance and are either gainfully employed, or pursuing higher studies or other career options.

With a view to provide a platform for these scholars to continue their links with the Foundation and in networking with other FFE scholars for their personal, career and professional development, the FFE Scholars Association ( is proposed to be formed. Local chapters at various levels (cities, companies) are called (name of city/company) Chapter of the FFE Scholars Association.

How to become member of FFE Scholars Association

Membership in FFE Scholars Association is open to any scholar who has completed his/her education with assistance from FFE USA. Membership is also open to scholars assisted by the newly established FFE India Trust. While membership and participation in the Association's programs is voluntary, every FFE scholar is encouraged to become a member.

Our Goals and Activities

The Association and its chapters will provide a forum through which FFE scholars can interact with each other for their mutual benefit and in support of the Foundation's mission and activities.

The activities envisaged for the association and chapters include: professional development meetings, networking for career opportunities and job search, mentoring and other assistance to current scholars; publication of an FFE Scholars Association newsletter; fund raising and other support to the Foundation.

FFE scholars wishing to become members of FFESA should complete a registration form and send it to the Foundation's India or US offices.

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